Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Fourth Press Release - Charles Kennedy to Visit Occupation

4th Press Release- Charles Kennedy to visit protestors

Glasgow University Rector, Charles Kennedy M.P, has agreed to visit us here at the occupied space on the top floor of the Computing Science Building. Mr Kennedy gave assurances at a debate over the DEC Gaza appeal at the Glasgow University Union earlier this evening that he will be visiting at some point tomorrow morning to discuss our demands. We will be holding a press conference at this meeting. There will be a demonstration on campus at 11 am tomorrow in support of our action and demands.

Glasgow University Student Occupation


  1. Campsie branch Scottish Socialist Party offer their solidarity in your struggle. We have linked your blog to ours (www.campsiesocialists.com) and if there is anything else we can do,please let us know (eastdunbartonshiressp@hotmail.co.uk)

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