Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Message of Support from Sandra White, MSP

As someone who visited Gaza a few months ago and saw the suffering of the Palestinian people first hand I promised that on my return to Scotland I would do my utmost to ensure that everyone was aware of what was happening in Gaza .

I never envisaged that just weeks after my return that Israel would embark on such a savage sustained attack on Gaza and its people leaving 1,3OO people dead and many more wounded . I have been left devasted by this and am even more committed to informing all I know to the plight of the people of Gaza and the disgraceful wall of silence practiced by some .

The actions of the people taking part in the sit in at Glasgow University are borne out of reasons I have mentioned above and sheer frustration at the inaction of many who could do something to highlight the situation in Gaza today and the ongoing situation of Palestinians in general .

I would ask that the University look seriously at the suggestions made by the group, meet with them , I am happy to attend and in the name of justice and humanity help the people of Gaza and Palestine

Sandra White MSP


  1. To whoever it may concern,

    I'm sure you already know that the Scottish government has officially opened Scotland's hospitals to all Palestinians effected by the recent attacks. This is a prime opportunity to put pressure on the government to put the practical machinery in place to make this pledge more than just an empty and meaningless gesture.

    It's said charity starts at home. Well it's starting, but needs to be applied! :o)

  2. Give us back our building hippies!

    -Computing Science Student

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