Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The University's Response

Dear all,

Thank you for your message regarding a meeting with the Principal. I have discussed this with him, and he is very happy to meet with up to five delegates from the group. The meeting would not take place in the computer science building, but I would give you a complete assurance that those attending would be allowed to return to occupied space. Our view is that there is no need to appoint a chair for this meeting, and that it will not be helpful to have a video tape running.

I have included below a statement that the Principal asked me to send you just a few minutes before your own email arrived. As well as repeating his willingness to meet, it refers to the University's investment policy, which, among other things, he is happy to explore with you.

David Newall

Message from the Principal

When you first submitted your petitions, I said I was willing to meet with representatives of your group to discuss the issues that concern you. I am sorry you have not accepted that offer.

I have attached the response that I initially made to your demands and petitions. One point that was not covered in this was investment policy. On that point I would advise you that the University has no direct investment in the companies you have identified as being of concern to you, and that it requires all of its investment managers to have a Socially Responsible Investment Policy.

As David Newall and Susan Stewart advised you this morning, I remain willing to meet with representatives of the group. I look forward to hearing from you.

Muir Russell

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