Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Email to the University from the Occupation

Dear Mr Newall,

RE: Meeting

We are disappointed with the university's decision to restrict freedom of movement and we find that this restricts the concessions we can make to you and all agree that you have backed us into a corner. We would like to make it clear, once again, that we are more than willing to negotiate and come to a reasonable compromise which seems balanced and ethical with regards to the situation in Palestine. We also feel that the relations of trust have broken down as in our meeting this morning it was agreed that it would be acceptable for two people to exit and re-enter the building so that we could buy food. This agreement was broken by university security. We would now like to propose a meeting take place with the principal and with a delegation of people from our group. As you know this is a compromise on our behalf and as a result we have our own conditions with which we would like you to comply:

1. The meeting must take place in the computer science building, however, not necessarily in the occupation itself. This is because we have been told we have no freedom of movement.

2. There will be a minimum of five delegates. We also have the right to alternate our delegates as we see fit.

3. The delegates will be permitted to return to the group whenever they see fit.

4. We must have signed confirmation that the delegators will be able to return to the occupied space. If this promise is reneged, as other promises have been, then all agreements from the meeting will be void.

5. We would like to video tape the meeting.

6. We must choose the chair.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Glasgow University Student Occupation.

1 comment:

  1. You talk a lot about "rights". I'd like to remind you that because something is commonly or occasionally called a right doesn't mean you can invoke it to do whatever you want, much to the detriment of everyone else. For example freedom of assembly does not mean you can meet with others on private property and prevent the rightful owners accessing it!

    On the subject of freedom of movement, do you honestly think that the administration are going to let you in and out of the building while you waste their time? Possibly the only thing that's funny about this whole mess is that you fell for the oldest trick in the book!

    "Of course we'll let you come and go as you please! Make yourself at home!"

    You're going to have to learn fast.

    Finally, what sort of operation is it that occupies a building with no supplies, and wants to get in and out to attend classes! Is that the limit of your enthusiasm? Funny that the occupation began after exams had finished too? Were you all away skiing until now, or maybe fattening up for the long haul?

    The people whose work you are distrupting have nothing to do with weapons research. I suggest that you give up and go home, because your demands are absurd and unnecessary.