Wednesday, 11 February 2009



A delegation from the liberated space will be meeting with the Principal Sir Muir Russell, Head of Corporate Communications Susan Stewart and Secretary of the University Court David Newell today at 12 noon in the Fraser building on behalf of the people of Gaza and over 1000 staff and students on campus who are in solidarity with their suffering. Please come to the demo at 11am and be present outside the Fraser building at 12 noon to provide visible and vocal support!

As stated, there will be also be a press conference today and a visit from the Rt Hon Charles Kennedy, University Rector.

Here's some of the attention we've had so far. It's probably necessary to clarify a few things. There was a demonstration of around a hundred people around the Uni on Monday, around 60 of whom joined the occupation (the GU Guardian reporting team also entered the building with us). 40 of these people stayed in the building and have been holding the liberated space since then. We have always been pushing for negotiations and if these have not taken place it has been due to difficulties on the side of the management. We have also conducted our action in a peaceful and lawful manner and have at no point disrupted the business of students or staff.

Scotland Today, Tuesday 10th Feb, 6pm:

We've heard we we were also featured on BBC Scotland.

We'd like to post a pertinent message from Aaron Franks:


I'm writing in support of the occupiers in the Computing Science Building and believe the SRC's position as stated on the SRC homepage misses a crucial point. While the issues concerning Palestine, Gaza in particular, and Israel are indeed complex, certain things are brutally and unavoidably clear.
The Israeli war against Gazans was disproportionate by design, and links between institutions like University of Glasgow, BAE, and Qinetiq (arms manufacturers) are part of that design. The UN is in the process of preparing investigations on the Israeli targeting of civilians with white phosphorus ammunition (illegal). The use of cluster bombs, while "legal" strictly speaking, cannot be unchallenged either.
The University of Glasgow must break any commercial or institutional ties with known weapons traders and manufacturers, and as the student occupation currently in the Computing Building is in support of that, I see no contradiction in the SRC supporting them while also representing the interests of the 24 000 students here.

Aaron Franks
PhD Human Geography
East Quad


  1. "We have also conducted our action in a peaceful and lawful manner and have at no point disrupted the business of students or staff."

    Complete and utter bullshit! The inane and moronic use use of megaphones has been extremely disruptive for anyone working in any building near SAWB. You people have no consideration for anyone else and are only interested in your childish chanting being as loud and disruptive as possible.

  2. "We have also conducted our action in a peaceful and lawful manner and have at no point disrupted the business of students or staff."

    Sorry but you have - you've canceled meetings, caused disruption to students and researchers, and probably ruined the open & trusting nature of the access to our building. This has polarized much of the department against your actions.

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