Tuesday, 10 February 2009


The University Management is denying the occupation access to the media. They have also denied us legal representation inside the space. This morning we held an unfruitful meeting with the Secretary of Court and the Head of Media for the University in which none of our demands were met. Instead we were invited to send a delegation outside to meet with the principal, without any promise of meeting our demands. Here is the response to our initial demands which we received at 12noon:

As agreed this morning, I am writing in response to your four demands from yesterday, as follows.

1 No disciplinary academic or legal repercussions for anyone involved in or supporting the occupation.

There will be no disciplinary or legal repercussions so long as the protest remains peaceful and legal.

2. Those involved in occupation are guaranteed respect for their fundamental rights including freedom of assembly, expression and movement in and out of occupied space

The University respects fully the fundamental rights of freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. However, we cannot condone the occupation of University accommodation. While we are happy to allow food to be delivered to you, anyone leaving the occupation will not regain access. Nor can we allow access to the occupied space by anyone else.

3. Occupation given uninterrupted access to elec, water, internet access (wifi password)

You have access to water, electricity and toilets. We understand you already have internet access.

4. Principal to come to occupied space in order to discuss our demands with all members of occupation (we provide chair)

The Principal will not attend occupied space, but is willing to meet with representatives of the group, as early as is convenient and at a venue and in terms to be agreed. I look forward to receiving your response to this suggestion.

David Newall

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  1. Well done on the occupation Glasgow!

    Glasgow management are sounding a bit like Hallam's. Their bark is worst than their bite. By getting a small delegation down to talk they'll use intimidation tactics, as seen by Hallam's management. Stick to your guns. If they refuse to talk, report to the media.

    In solidarity.