Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Noam Chomsky sends his support

I've been following the student activities with great interest and appreciation. I've been asked so frequently for messages of support that I've been reduced to a from response. Will this work for you?
I am very pleased to learn about the courageous and honorable actions of the Glasgow University students. These are particularly significant because of the crucial British contribution to the savage onslaught on Gaza, and on the occupied territories generally, second only to the decisive role of the United States -- a disgrace for all of us. I hope you have the greatest success in arousing public opinion and bringing these crimes to an end.
Noam Chomsky


  1. Good on you! This is much needed. I wish I could be there in body but,rest assured, I'm there in spirit.

  2. The irony is, though, that Noam Chomsky is an American Jew. So yeah, carry on, block Israeli academics!

  3. The irony is, Noam Chomsky is an AMERICAN JEW. So not an Israeli citizen, so uh whoops!

    Personally I'm not for the academic boycott, freedom of speech and association, and all that, but don't be a silly.

    Plenty of Jews dislike the policies of the state of Israel. I proudly marched with Jews against the Gaza offensive in January:

    Please don't do the whole 'anti-Israeli government'='anti-semitic' nonsense.

  4. Noam Chomsky emailed me saying you were all choobs.

  5. Yeah? Cos yer ma phoned me, and said that you eat FROSTIES. They're grrreat.

  6. Alas, whilst my soul can communicate through the medium of the internet despite being 4 years beyond the grave, I can unfortunately no longer partake in the Earthly pleasure that is Frosties.

    Internet's a basic human right though innit? Even when it belongs to the very people you're trying to make a stand against :P

  7. My arse. Noam Chomsky did not email you. Fucking knobs.

  8. "Please don't do the whole 'anti-Israeli government'='anti-semitic' nonsense."

    Please don't do the whole 'anti-Israeli government' = 'lets occupy any unrelated, modern, nice university building on the campus while demanding all the freedoms and pretend do get mail from famous people who don't matter at all'

    Yes, I think the first one is much more ridiculous.